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Abit AV8 & 2 x CMX512-3200XLPT-HELP PLEASE...


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I have an Abit AV8 motherboard with socket 939 and AMD 3500+.

My reseller sold me CMX512-3200XLPT to go with it (x2 to make 1gb)


Problem is with both memory sticks in (dimm 1 & 2) the system is unstable and crashes (normally during games)


With just 1 memory stick the system is fine. I have swapped the memory sticks over and they both seem to run fine, independantly.


This is what my bios sais:



DRAM Clock: DDR400

DRAM Comm Rate: 1T

CAS Latency time: 2.5

RAS#to Cas# delay: 2 clocks

Min Ras# active time: 5 clocks

Ras# precharge time: 2 clocks


It sais EXACTLY the same if i have 1 stick or 2 stick in.

Please help as this is bugging me like mad.

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