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AX1200i self test / link / questions ...


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I bought a new PSU Corsair AX1200i. (using it in Europe on 220V)


1. When I try to run the self test with no cables connected, I press self test button 2-3 seconds the fan starts to spin, but no led light either red or green.

I've installed the PSU anyway in my computer and the PSU works.

Why the self test doesn't display any light ?


2. I've installed Corsair Link 2.6.5214

Here is a screenshot from my Link application: http://s30.postimg.org/6o858rvoh/corsair.jpg

I have 2 PCIe cables for GPU connected to PCIe7 and PCIe8 while on PCIe4 is 8 pin CPU

Why the red marked fields are 0.0000 ?

From time to time I can see PCIe4/PCIe7/PCIe8 going to 5.67 / 4.72 / 7.20 but then after a second goes back to 0.0000

For example also in PCIe 3 connector I don't have any plug connected and it shows also from time to time 8.12 / 6.40 .....


Why is that ?



3. I've changed the PSU because I had coil noise from the video card, but still the coil noise didn't disappeared completely. It's still there. What can I do ?


4. Does it matter to place the connectors starting with connector 1 ? I placed my PCI-E in connector 3 and connector 4 since are closer to motherboard.



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