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Corsair Raptor HS40 sound is very distort.


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Hi, I have just purchased a pair of Corsair Raptor HS40 headphones. I have plugged them into the back of my computer and I can only hear sound on Skype and the sound is very distort and slow. I cannot hear sound from Youtube or any other site on the internet either.


I have downloaded the software to see if there's anything on there that can help and there is nothing. I purchased it with Amazon through Maplin rather than the actual site.


Could someone please help me out on how I might fix the problem, I have waited 2 weeks for these and I would not like to have to send them back the day I have gotten them.


Thanks, Finney.

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Also if there is no fix for this is there any way that I could change it's separate audio and recording into Realtek HD Aduio input and output?


I've noticed they've got their own separate ones called Speaker and MicIn.

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