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Ticket open for 5 months - not resolved


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This is a last ditch attempt to get some attention and have my RMA'd product returned to me.

My ticket was raised on the 18th of March 2014 - my 32GB Survivor Stealth drive had developed faults that I think have always been there, as the drive corrupted several files over it's life, but when reaching around 28-30GB capacity the drive would sometimes not be recognised and many files were damaged.

This was a simple replacement under warranty, and the drive was sent to Corsair.

They replaced my drive with a non-stealth edition (silver instead of black).

I made the support rep aware of this, they apologised and asked me to return that drive to them. It was returned, a new drive was sent out, and surprise surprise it was the same drive, non-stealth, NOT what I sent to Corsair in the first place.

This is where 3 months pass with no contact. The support rep argued that the drive is correct on their system (5/21/2014):

"Can you take a picture of the packing slip and post it to this ticket? It shows in our system that we sent you a 32GB survivor"


To which I replied that they have indeed sent me a 32GB survivor - just not a Stealth edition as was sent to Corsair for replacement.


By this point two months have passed.


Honestly I'm disgusted. After a week of no response I asked what should be done next. No reply. I waited another week and decided to open a second support ticket detailing the fact that the original support rep seems to have forgotten all about this. I was told not to open additional tickets, the original rep will resolve the issue 'shortly'. It's now been two more months since this response. No reply from either ticket.


I still have the drive, it's unopened, waiting to be returned for the product I originally sent in for replacement - a 32GB Survivor Stealth drive which might not be a big deal for some (black/silver whatever) but when the drive cost more initially it's only fair to have the same product replace it, not something worth less.


This is my first experience with the Corsair support ticket system, and it's pathetic.


Has anyone experienced anything similar? Are there any Corsair reps who can understand the difference between their products, and want to send me my replacement?


Fingers crossed I'll get my drive back before Christmas, but I don't have much hope.

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It seems this got someone's attention - A replacement drive is on it's way, hopefully the right one.

A different support member has replied to one of my open tickets apologising and detailing the product being returned to me.

It's a shame the original support system lets such a simple process slip through without resolution after so long, but any resolution is a positive outcome by this point.

Thanks to the support member who caught my dilemma.

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