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H80i & repeated airlocks - fixable?


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Hi all,


I have an h80i in a relatively new system (i4670, Gigabyte G1 Sniper M5, Bitfenix Prodigy M).


When all is well, idle temps are 30-35 C on the die, with h80 temps approx 5 degrees lower. Load temps up to 65-70 on the die, with h80 temps 10-15 degrees lower.


Most of the time it does not work so well however, with idle temps of 60-70 degrees and throttling at 95-100 at load.


At these times, the fan speed does not affect the temperature, ie changing from quiet to performance doesn't cool the coolant.


Fans are working fine. Pump speed is around 2200 rpm always. The backplate is on correctly. Have replaced thermal paste which is evenly spread under load.


The radiator sloshes and gurgles loudly when rotated. After this, temps usually settle again. There is occasionally a ticking noise from the pump before temps go up again.


I think therefore that there are recurrent airlocks and the loop is not correctly filled. I cannot go disassembling my system every few days to remove and rotate the radiator.


Is there any way of fixing it or am I looking at RMA?


Thanks all.

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I have put the stock intel cooler back in, it is running much cooler and quieter than the h80i. Disappointing.


Have submitted a ticket.


I still think that the issue may be airlocks, but can't now get any improvement in temperatures no matter what. Have removed and refitted.


On Corsair link, the temperatures of both the CPU and H80i go up very quickly when CPU is busy, but then stay high (only fall by around 10c) when the CPU becomes idle.


Is it possible for the pump not to be working despite corsair link showing normal pump speed?


One of the hoses is quite warm and the other is cold, so I wonder if that means that coolant is being pumped through the block but not around the radiator for some reason.

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I have that symptom with an H100i. Unsure of the exact cause. Ticket entered and approved, as the hoses should be close to the same temp. That they are not is an indication of low flow; either by a blockage, low fluid level or impeller separated from the drive shaft.
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