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No more USB MB Ports- Here is the solution

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My Corsair Mini & 100i CPU cooler each take a MB USB 2.0 port. My MB has only 2. So, an easy nice-looking solution is to get an NZXT IU01 Internal USB 2.0 Expansion card (black). It was about $22 US with tax on Amazon. It is a small board about 4" long & 1" high. It circuit board back is covered by a heavy-duty piece of Velcro. I took the other included Velcro piece & stuck it on the case under my MB above the AX860i PSU. It looks like it is part of the MB. It has 2 black cables, The USB cable plugs into the MB. The other is a nice black braided wire with a black Molex socket that plugs into one of the Molex wires from the PSU, and you get 3 more USB 2.0 headers & 2 USB 2.0 ports.



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