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Rail voltages problems in cx750


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Hi there guys!


Every time i play a demanding game like battlefiled 4 my pc shut down after 5 minutes of gameplay, i have been monitoring the temps and voltage and something just got my curiosity, the 12V and 5V rail is getting the half of a normal value :


From aida64



From HWmonitor:



This values are taken under heavy load(i was playing battlefield 4).


Any ideas of what is happening? this required a RMA?

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I am thinking that there is an error in the voltage monitoring hardware on the MB causing both of those software programs to be reading incorrectly. If the voltages on the +5 and +12 volt lines were actually correct at 1/2 of normal, the computer wouldn't run and you wouldn't be able to "monitor" voltages as low as these by the software programs. Do you have an external meter to verify?


I suspect something else is going on but I don't know what.

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