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AX1200 wont supply power


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I built my rig three years ago and have had no problems until recently. Last week while working the system shut off completely. I originally thought it was because of a bios update I had just done and that it was a bad flash. After a few hours it fired back and had been running fine until today when it the same thing.


There was no warning, no blue screen, it just shut down and now wont turn back on. After another investigation I found that the psu would make a clicking noise when it attempted to supply power, I unhooked it and did the paper clip test. When I hit the power button it would make one click when it attempts to turn on and another immediately after. After the two clicks I can hear an undertone like power flowing but the psu's fan is stationary as well as the second one I hooked up.


Im afraid its dead but I'm hoping for some small miracle to save it so any insight into this problem is welcome.

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