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Force LS 60GB write speeds


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Looking at ssdreview.com while the Force LS 60GB drive matches it's bigger brothers in the ATTO Disk Benchmark for writes when it comes to both AS SSD and CrystalDiskMark it fares badly for writes compared to the larger capacities:


AS SSD Sequential Write 4k:

  • 60GB - 98.35 MB/s
  • 120GB - 193.41 MB/s
  • 240GB - 372.02 MB/s


CrystalDiskMark Sequential Write:

  • 60GB - 103.73 MB/s
  • 120GB - 203.06 MB/s
  • 240GB - 401.26 MB/s


However when it comes to reads in both benchmarks the 60GB drive has comparable speeds to the larger drives. Can anybody explain why this is and is it likely that the write speed could be improved with firmware upgrades? Thanks.

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