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Corsair M40 Mouse, rubbish sensor?


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Ive had two of these now, one which was returned for a faulty back button, and now i have the replacement.

The sensors on both have been terrible. They seem to be affected by the smallest bit of dust.


Any previous mouse (cheap ones not £40 like this) ive used would suffer sensor problems after months of use and just need a clean to remove dust buildup.

I had this mouse 3 hours before it started messing up.

Same with the previous one.


I use a decent Cooler Master mouse mat which is kept clean, but obviously dust will build up eventually.


Does anyone have the same problem?



This is a paint drawing i did to show the problem. Just moving the mouse side to side, not up and down, and that was the results

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Try a piece of paper or a book cover.


Right, i have tried a piece of paper for about a week now and the problem has gone.


I dont understand why but the M40 obviously just doesnt like my mouse mat, its a Cooler Master one so no cheap rubbish.



Do you know what mouse mat material would work for me?

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Not quite sure about the sensor not liking your mousemat, you can ask Corsair via a support ticket or by phone which mouse mat surface would work best.


You can call Corsair using Skype by calling their toll-free number on their website.


I could try, although i guess ill only get recommendations of corsair products

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