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I7 cooled with H80 was working fine but now ...


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just got back from holiday my system was working fine during the last year

i have unplugged it and and put it on my garage while i was away ( holiday )

I just got back yesterday from a two weeks holiday and i tried to start my computer almost immediately the cpu temp reached 90°C and the system stopped .

I have tried switching the fan speed to max my pressing the button on the

cooler it runs faster but i sill reach 90°C in a couple of seconds .

i removed the fans , heatsin, replugged everything , but still no luck

i wonder what happened since the computer was not used for two weeks ?

what could be wrong as this is very hard to diagnose .


Thank you

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I've a similar problem with a H100. It is probably the pump that has failed. I shut it all down at end of june as I was off for 4 weeks. Came in on Monday, powered it up and temp hit 100°C within a few minutes and shut the system down dead!!


I've posted a similar question on the forum so it will be interesting to see responses as I don't know whether to buy a new H80, good stock cooler or have it fixed. End story is, I need the computer up and running for start of new term in school where I work



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Hmmmm.... I'm detecting a pattern, here. Seems that if once you install and heat up a Corsair cooler, you had better not let it sit unused for any period of time after or the coolant thickens and no longer is efficient. The workstation that my H100i is on doesn't run every day and its temperatures now are essentially the same as all of the threads I have read over the past weeks concerning "high temps" experienced after returning from holiday. Doesn't bode well.
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