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Advice on what WC parts to buy ?


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I just received my new VII Formula MB, and I have 300 to spend on cooling.

I will remove and sell my H100i as its an aluminium rad, and my new MB

is all copper. I guess I would want to do 1/2" inside diameter fittings and hose ???

I just want to do a rad with two fans on top, a rad on the front, and a res/pump in the front. I will eventually buy the 100 dollar each GPU water blocks and add them to the loop, but for right now I just want to do my cpu and the water loop in the new MB that comes with wc empty hole fittings. Any advice on what to get would be much appreciated.


The large fan at the top of the case will be on top, rad underneath, and two fans under the rad pushing air up in a push/pull config.

The large fan in the front is sucking air in, I can put a 240? Rad there, with two more fans pulling in, and then hopefully have

enough room for the pump/Res.



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I just did a look around, and I came up with these parts:


Alphacool Lighttower Res/Pump combo 250 ML $65.00

XSPC EX240 Duel 120 Low Profile RAD $55.00

2 Xspc 120mm 2000 rpm Fans $18.00

Swiftech Apogee XL CPU WC Heatsink $65.00





Now I would need fittings and tubing, so that is 40 bucks or so ????



I will sell the H100i and use that money to buy another small rad and fan for front of 650D case.


I was just asking if other parts may be better for around the same price or so ????


How can you say I CANT do it for that much ???? I know its not the best parts, but that is

why I as a person who knows nothing about this wanted to ask others that do if I should

just buy this or that for now, or wait and use the 300 to only buy a few parts for now,

and keep using the H100i until I get more money.

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