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CorsairLINK won't even run


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I just finished installing my WC H80i...

Whenever I try to run CorsairLINK I get both an "Unhandled exception error" from .NET Framework (running version 4.5) and a "CorsairLINK has stopped working" message.


I've tried installing several versions of it and updating the NET Framework.

Nothing works...


Oddly enough, if I right click the CorsairLink tray icon it does show temp and fan speed measures. But I have no access to the main window.


How can I fix this?

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Nevermind... It's fixed now.


Something was very wrong with the Task Scheduler.

You sir... have helped me solve an issue that has been giving me headaches for 2 weeks. I think some people who can't get the application to run should look into their Task Scheduler.

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I think I will do a system restore later to see if it the entries come up. Once I removed both entries from Task Scheduler, the .NET error doesn't pop up when I restarted the computer and opened up Corsair Link manually (not on start up).
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