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Replacement Top fan for Corsair Graphite 600TM


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I helped my good mate build his first PC about 2 years ago, using the Corsair Graphite 600TM case. The build was great, one of the cleanest interiors I've seen.


Everything has been great, except just recently the top 200mm fan has started to give up. Very slow to spin up to RPM, so time for a replacement.


I picked up a 200mm fan to swap in, but found it just didn't fit.


Any thoughts on where I can get a fan that would suit this case? Don't care if there is any LEDs on it (actually prefer there isn't any), reasonable CFM, minimal dB levels.


I've hunted around, but can't find a Corsair 200mm fan here in my local area (Melbourne Australia).


Any assistance greatly appreciated. :-)

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