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Lost fan control w/h100i after update and incorrect cpu temp


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I'd been happily using link2 version 2.3.something from ~12-13 months ago. However the power readings from my AX860i were way off so i finally updated link (measures power much more accurately now, yay!)

I have 4 PWM fans connected to the H100i that i previously had no problem controlling, that are now grouped together that i seemingly have no control over.

Similarly the FX-8350 temp is clearly not reading the correct pin (comparing to 3-4 other sensor monitor programs).


I have included before and after screenshots to illustrate the problem.


I'm not too fussed about the CPU temp issue, as i go by the h100i liquid/rad temp anyway for temp monitoring, but having control over the rad fans would be desired :[pouts:




any ideas?



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