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Voyager Air now working again :(


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Hi all,


I fixed my Voyager Air a few weeks ago with the help of the wonderful Bill from Corsair.


Switched it on a couple of days ago and its not working again...


In essence, although I can see the IP address of the drive I can't connect to it.


I've also tried from the app on several different devices, it connects and flashes the full options page then after half a second or so defaults to a page with only three options - 'downloads', 'settings' and 'now playing'.


If I click settings, it shows drive: network status: disconnected. App version 2.1.0.


I've formatted the drive but can't get it going.


Any ideas? We're away on vacation this weekend in the motorhome- the event that I bought the damn thing for- and would really like to get it working!!

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It sounds like you are not maintaining the wireless connection to the drive - that's why the app shifts back to "disconnected mode."


This is usually caused by wireless interference, so changing the wireless channel is a suggestion (though, of course, this is hard to do if the app keeps disconnecting).


You didn't mention what mobile devices you are using. Try connecting a phone/tablet via WiFi to the drive, then open a browser window and type in the address field. The browser client might be able to hold onto the connection longer - long enough to determine the drive firmware version, power level, and to change the wireless channel.


Let me know if this doesn't work.

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