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Neutron 240GB running @75C

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I have a Neutron 240GB drive that I purchased two years ago. Recently, I've had a problem with video games hard freezing my system and requiring a reboot after about 1/2 to one hour of play. I ran SpeedFan and it is showing that my GPU and CPU temps, while running hot, are within specifications. However, the temp reported for the SSD varies between 72-75C after the reboot. I have confirmed the SSD temp by checking it in the Corsair SSD Toolbox and the temps are within one degree C of each other.


According the specs on Newegg the operating temperature for my SSD is between 0C and 70C. Could the excessive heat from the SSD be causing my system to freeze and if so what is the remedy? I've opened my laptop up and I see no obvious problem such as excessive dust or something blocking the vent.


edit: I should add that I have looked at all the SMART attributes for the drive in the Toolbox and everything appears fine except for the temperature.

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Do you feel any heat radiating from the SSD?




Yes. of course, I would not have posted if I thought it was a measurement error. The drive is too hot to touch for any length of time. I removed the back of the laptop and felt the SSD with my hand to make sure. It is 100% most definite the SSD is burning hot.


Now, the drive itself may not be the source of the heat because the drive sits on top (or underneath, depends on your frame of reference) the CPU in the laptop motherboard (or at least in close proximity to it). The CPU itself is reading about 80-85C after about an hour of gaming which is hot but the automatic power off threshold is 100C, so the CPU is within tolerances. But it is possible that if the CPU is getting that hot then that is what is causing the SDD to get so hot....or maybe vice versa. Frankly, I simply don't know enough about cooling issues in the laptop to understand who is zooming who.


But yes, the drive is really at 75C.


edit: I'll add that this is also strictly a load/stress issue. If I run the laptop surfing the web, watching a youtube video, etc over the same time frame the max I have seen from the CPU is around 60C and the SSD sits at about 55C.

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The readings aren't wrong as i remember another user experiencing the same issues where the SMART values showed a high temperature and it was fixed by cleaning the CPU heatsink, Sounds like the heat from the CPU is causing the SSD to get hot.


I would try to "ventilate" the laptop by lifting it from the table and see if that helps.


If you can, get someone to check and clean the heatsink/fan and reapply thermal compound.

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