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Corsair Force3 60GB problem


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The Force3 60GB (firmware 5.05 latest) is my Win7 boot drive in laptop. Yesterday I got intensive BSOD, so I decided to restore from TI image backup. The image backup was verified & restored successfully without error, but the SSD failed to boot, giving me a black screen with blinking cursor on the top left corner. I know the image is fine because I've used it several times.


I decided to secure erase the drive in my desktop comp. The desktop has Force3 120GB (Firmware 5.07) as the boot drive with Intel SSD 320 80GB + 3 HDD. I tried to secure wipe the 60GB SSD with Corsair Tool Box 1.1, but it gave me BSOD as soon as I started.


BSOD message : "A problem has been detected...bla bla bla. MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS. STOP: 0x00000044".


Tried to secure erase with Parted Magic, and it went through (after lots of SSD being Frozen message).

I booted to Windows (desktop comp). When I tried to initialize the disk with Disk Management, it gave me BSOD again : "MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTS. STOP: 0x00000044".


Booted into Parted Magic, initialized the drive & partitioned the drive. No problem.

Booted back to Windows / Disk Management, I could see the new created partition. Strangely, when I tried to delete the partition, the partition remained intact as if nothing happened. Win7 or Disk Management didn't give me any error. Rescan drives in Disk Mgt & reboot, the deleted partition is still there !!!. Using Diskpart to delete partition, same problem. No error. Diskpart said "Partition deleted", but it is still there in Disk Management & even after reboot.


Another secure-erasing with PMagic --> initiliaze the disk by Win7 Disk Management --> BSOD.

Going back to PMagic to initialize the drive, no problem. Booted back to Win7 Disk management & tried to create Simple Volume --> when started to format --> same BSOD.


Checking Win7 integrity--> no problem.

I tried my brother's laptop through ESATA connection & retried to create partition in Disk Management ---> BSOD.

Going back to PMagic & create partition.

Going back to my bro's laptop, and tried to delete partition (experiment), SAME PROBLEM ---> Dsk Mgt gave me no error, but the partition is still there !!! Tried Diskpart --> same problem.

Going back to PMagic to delete partition --> successful.

Going back to bro's laptop & tried to create partition from Un-allocated space --> NO partition created, but Dsk Mgt gave me no error message.

Trying an empty HDD , and the same computers do not have problem creating & deleting partition of other disk (I've tried with HDD).


Looking like a totally dead SSD, doesn't it ?

Not yet.


Going back to PMagic & created partition there.

This time I retried another TI restore to the created partition & successful. It finally booted.

Smart Data is good. Everything seems normal.


What is going on with this SSD ???

Is it dying on me ? Why suddenlly Win7 Disk Mgt suddenly can not do anything to it anymore ??? Not even Corsair's Own Secure Wipe. Only Pmagic can.


My drive is exactly 3 years old next week.

If this drive has problem, I definitely has to RMA it asap (like this very week !!!).



Additional note:

SSD is connected to the primary Intel controller of Biostar Z68 board (AHCI)

Laptop is HM55 chipset (prinary intel controller) (AHCI)

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