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M95 mouse automatic SW profile switch doesn't work


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I bought M95 mouse and I am using it in SW mode. I have adjusted my default mouse profile, and then I did a new profile for Photoshop. I add photoshop.exe file to it, because I wanted different setup for my work in photoshop.


Now. If I boot into windows, I have the default profile - OK.

Then I run photoshop, and the mouse automatically switch to photoshop profile - OK.

Bu then, when I leave the photoshop, doesn't matter if I change windows or close the app, the mouse is stuck in photoshop profile. - NOT OK


How can I manage, if possible, to bring the mouse automatically into default profile then? I tried add explorer.exe to the default profile, but that didn't work.


Using win 7 64bit, newest profile and firmware.


Thank you very much

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