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Corsair AX750 died and killed my pc

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I bought a Corsair AX750 in a store in the Netherlands.

It died within 1 year. I heard some big bangs. The store replaced it.

Pc working fine after replacement.


Few months later the new AX750 died again. This time there were no bangs.


I took the PSU to the store, and they tested it. While they were testing, it killed their testsystem too.

So we knew it was defective.


Then they replaced the AX750 for a RM850.

But already it killed my CPU (i7 2600k), Motherboard, and GPU.

Ram, soundcard, and harddisk survived.


I tried to get my killed parts replaced by the store, but they would not do it.

I only got a new PSU (Corsair RM850)


My question is, can i get compensation?


I bought this PSU because it should have all kinds of protections and has 7 years warrenty!


Also i read on the internet that alot of people have problems with this PSU.


Thanks in advance!



Benjamin :D:

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