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Trouble installing TX750w v2 in Carbide 500R Case


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I'd like to install my TX750W V2 power supply with the fan down in the Carbide 500R case, but the screw holes don't quite align. The two bottom ones show, but I can only get a screw into one of them. So I can attach it on one side, but not the other (the top screw doesn't line up at all, the bottom one I'm just not able to get the screw in). If I turn it with the fan up, the holes align (well, 3 of them do either way), but not the other. I've read some threads about this psu, but haven't seen one addressing this screw hole alignment.


I tried paring down the psu standoffs (they're soft) and filing down the metal ones, but no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I don't know if it makes a difference, but I purchased everything in early 2012 & only now able to build. Was there some issue with that case & psu back then?


Thank you!


EDITED: This problem now solved. I filed the standoff more. I think it was uneven to begin with & was holding the power supply just a bit too high. Thank you.

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