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Need RMA - Bad Memory Module

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I have a bad memory module and need to do an RMA.

Abit IC7-Max3, updated bios is 08/30/04 Phoenix 6.00G

Intel 3.0Ghz Cpu

2 CMX 512-3200LLPT memory modules


Everything had been working fine since Feb. 04.

I am now getting thousands of memory errors under memtest86 and under windows memory diagnostic memory test on only 1 of the modules. I have tried each one separately and in each and every dimm slot. Only 1 module gets errors and in every slot.


my settings are 200mhz bus speed- default

I have tried mem voltages from 2.5 to 2.7 and still get the errors only on the 1 module.


timings are 2.5 3 2 6 by SPD


This is a twinx pair, do i need to rma both sticks so that I get a good pairing?


Thank You


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