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CORSAIR firmware FIX?


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Perfection takes time, beta testing collating data and analysing takes time. Unfortunately when it comes to developing drivers that are compatible with all rigs which are configured and tweaked either by Stock or more advanced users tweak their systems to their own unique way. Although I do have a quick and easy solution to your problems, (Windows 8.1 Only).


WARNING: It might be a good idea to back up your registry first…

File/Export set the destination to save and then back up to for example RegHack_Corsair_H100i_30.07.14. Depending on the size of the registry on your OS it could take a minute or two.


• WB+R Open Run Command and type in Regedit [Yes to Warning Window that opens]

• Double Click to open HKLM

• Double Click to open SYSTEM

• Double Click to open CurrentControlSet

• Double Click to open Enum

• Double Click to open USB

• Scroll down and double click on VID_1B1C&PID_0C04

• Double Click to open 6&38cb5e8c&0&5

• Double Click on the sub directory called Device Parameters


Now look to the right pain in the Registry Editor and you will see the following below. Set all of them to 1 (ONE) to 0 (ZERO) you may find that some of them are already set to ZERO


AllowldlelrplnD2 Value 0

DeviceSelectiveSuspended Value 0

EnhancedPowerManagementEnabled Value 0

EnumerationRetyCount Value 0

SelectiveSuspendedEnabled Value 0


To change the value parameters double click on any of the above within the right pain of the Registry Editor to change the value set from 1 – 0 then click on OK. Now close the registry

and RESTART your machine and then when CorsairLink opens everything will be present. Now just set and save your desired style of where the fans and other devices will all now

be showing.


Note: POWER will only show up if you have a Corsair PSU with a Link Cable that connects directly to the PS with a small receiver with a green Diode this will show up within POWER on

CorsairLink so you can monitor the PSU and change power settings as desired. Don’t change the power settings unless you’re experienced in changing voltage parameters. As this could

result in damaging you equipment.

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