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ForceGT F60/F120 performance issues


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Problem happens on my new platform i7-4770k + Z87 Extreme 4. After Corsair has replaced my last drives (which were the oldest Force series) I've got back new Force GT drives.


So I did a fresh Win7 x64 installation, installed all the drivers that came from ASRock on their cd, installed all windows updates and stuff like this.


After all of these, I've started ATTO to see how my drives are perfoming, and this is what I saw:




The performance for samples below 128kb seems bad - shouldn't the drives be much faster there?


What I did and did not help:

- updated to the latest RST and INF drivers

- tried to mess with caching policies in drives settings

- in BIOS set the drive types to ssd


I have no idea what can I do more, any ideas?



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