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Help me pls

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Dear Admin,

I'm Thu, i write this thread to ask for help from Corsair's technicians. My store had a customer, he bought a keyboard(k40) about one week ago. After that he repeatedly asked warranty for reasons keyboard damaged. To make my customer feel happy i'm agree to help him get a new keyboard 2 times in a row but now it's 3rd times he ask me for new one with the same reason. I can't believe this thing, i'm always test my keyboard before give it to my customer. Why the ... it always get damage when he back to his home. Right now I think he used the 12 volt power on the keyboard to make it damaged. You guys can teach me how to test my keyboard got damaged by the 12 volt power or not ? I really appreciate if you agree to help me.


Pls contact me via email: thudn09@gmail.com

thank you so much

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