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Corsair Raptor M30 mouse - weird issue with rubber coating on left mouse button


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I bought this mouse two weeks ago, started using it July 16th.

After approximately 2 days of usage I noticed a weird feeling under my pointer finger. I checked the mouse and discovered it had started to "grow" a web of air passages or something like that under the rubberized coating of the left mouse button.

The attached image shows them quite clearly. Ignore the sweat stains, it is extremely hot where I live, heat record of the last century iirc, and it's even going to get hotter... :flamethrower:


The question is - is this permanent or maybe it will go away when it gets cooler again? Should I send it to warranty service?

And also, has anyone else experienced this with their mice? If yes, what did you do?


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Well, apparently the jittery scrolling also comes from the mouse. I thought it was Chrome glitching, but I experience the same issue in games, so it's obviously the mouse. This sucks, I've never had any such problems with a mouse.
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