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Accidental Macro Set - K95


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Ive had the K95 for a long time, and mostly bought it for it's look and built quality. The switches, and whatever else.


I did not however buy it for the macros, and never bothered to use them. Recently, I was taking keys from the board for a general cleaning with air duster and the like, but at some point during it I must have pressed the MR button, and assigned macros to one of the keys.


After doing so, I realized it would rapidly switch between Ctrl, Alt, Windows Key, Down and Left Arrow, and Shift / Enter. This is causing me a nightmare of problems, and need to know how to forcibly reset the macro bindings for the K95. I know it works fine on another computer, as I origionally thought it may have been a hardware issue.


Is there a certain directory on my computer that my K95 physically stores the Macro settings, and if so, where exactly does it save said settings?


Thanks for the help before hand.

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Do you have the K95 software installed? If so you can reset the profile to defaults, save it to the K95 and enable hardware playback. It should stop it.


Reflashing or updating the firmware would also "reset" the keyboard to defaults.

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