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Bad Memory Module - need RMA


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I believe I have a bad memory module. First one ever - over 15 years...


MB - ASUS A7N8X-E deluxe

CPU - Athlon 2500

PS - Antec True Power 480W

Memory - (2) sticks of Corsair XMS CMX512-3200C2

Only 1 stick is bad.

Using both sticks:

Get errors at 3-4-4-9 timings, at 133 MHz FSB in MemTest86 always at specific addresses with about 4 bit lanes common with the error.


Removedthe bad memory, and run with only the other stick of memory (same type), and it runs at 2-3-3-6 at 183MHz FSB (could go higher, but CPU is now at 2.2GHz). MemTest runs all night - no errors, Prime95 runs all night with no errors.

Weird that a stick went bad, as this used to work, and case is kept extremely cool (air cooled), very clean (use positive pressured case with filters on both 120mm intake fans). It appeared to go bad while in the case (ie: no handling or possibility of ESD).


Anyway - please let me know if you would like me to run any further tests, or if I can RMA it for another stick. I can try some Twinx-4000 1 Gig in the same system, as another has that, but want to get this system up and going ASAP.



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