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Weird behaviour of H100i while CPU is tested with P95


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Hi there,

I noticed a weird behaviour of my H100i while the CPU is tested using Prime95.


Information about my system:

CPU: AMD FX6300 (undervolted in BIOS from 1.2875V to 1.2675V, but HWInfo64 and CoreTemp still show 1.2875V, not overclocked)

Cooler: Stock H100i with stock fans (connected via Y-cable to cooler + two front fans of my Corsair 750D connected to the other port via second Y-cable)

Firmware of H100i: v1.0.7


While in idle, CorsairLINK says that my CPU temps are about 35C.

As soon as I start P95 temperatures in CLINK drop instantly for about 10C to 25C in this case and slowly rise over time.

If I stop P95 the opposite happens and temperatures in CLINK instantly rise for about 10C.


If I compare temperatures of CLINK to CoreTemp and HWInfo without P95 then CLINK is about the same as the temperatures shown in my BIOS. CoreTemp and HWInfo show about 10C cooler temperatures.

But as soon as P95 kicks in all three softwares show the same temperatures.


I really dont know what the cause of this might be so I ask you.

Any ideas what the cause of this behaviour could be or what I could do?

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Running all of those monitoring applications at the same time? Don't do that. More than one polling the sensors at a time can really mess things up. CL2 uses a library from Open Hardware Monitor, so it doesn't conflict with that.


Short of that, no clue. :)

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what your software programs are experiencing is similar to latency issues..

it takes different amounts of time to send signals to software,another factor is where each programs picks its signal up from .

also under load temps get more even so they are read more evenly,,when load drops you will actually see a short temp increase till water stabilizes and again level off.

hope you understand this,,twas hard to put into words:D:

also every program used will vary in temps,its just the nature of the programs,,which is why some upper end devices have offset abilities so adjustment can be evened out.

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