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PSU RM650 FAN dont spin up never?


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Helo I am from Spain (island cannary) and today i buy a corsair RM650


All works fine the voltage is very very fine, don,t have coil sounds i only listened a click on power up anda a click power down.


I only see one problem de fan dont spin up never i load full games battelfield4,wolfenstein i use furmark prime95 and the fan never spins up


I have a Gigabyte 670GTX OC vercion with 4gb and a i7 socket 1115


c: solid drive and a d: Western Digital black 2TB


i don`t have overclock in cpu and gpu


The PSU is warm :sigh!: is this normal?


Sorry for my bad inglish :(:


My psu serial number is 1335 is this good?


The 5v go at 5,040v and playing games or test

Go at 5.000v.Is this okay?


ahhh and my case is a corsair gamer edition is big and have 1 fan in the back and 2 fans in the front XD

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I agree with sandstorm and roughly calculated you system specs as best I could and @ 100% load and your would be only using 342 watts. Now I understand the fan on the RM series does no kick on till about 40% load, or in your RM650 case 260W. Given that your system would need to run @ approximately 76% load all the time for the fan to kick on.


Heres the calculator for you to check your real wattage usage. psu calculator lite

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