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Are the Corsair RM850 cables compatible with AX860 ?


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So currently i have RM850 in my rig and i'm giving it to a friend and upgrading to AX860

the thing is i like the RM flat black cables and i already done a fine job of cable management

so i was wondering if i can just use the RM cables that i already have

and give the AX cables to my friend along with the RM850

so we end up with

AX860 + RM850 Cables

RM850 + AX860 Cables


is that ok ?

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From what I know, the RM850 and AX860i have identical cable layouts, but the regular/older AX860 is different. Some of the cables may be the same, but the motherboard cable is definitely different.


that's what i thought .. thank you

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