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1st RMA, K70 Blue LED issue


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This keyboard is after RMA for the same issue.

In this current case it's less wide spread as it used to be.


The LED on the number 1 button is so dimmed that it looks as if the key is not illuminated.

That is regardless on the illumination level I change. It's constantly dimmed.

Is there a quick dirty fix for this issue?

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Unfortunately, there isn't a way to fix the issue without voiding the warranty.


If you want to replace the keyboard via Corsair and you are still in the warranty period, request an RMA to replace it. In the comments section, tell them you have replaced the keyboard before.


Note: If i remember correctly the J70 Silver/Blue L.E.Ds are discontinued. So your replacement may be a K70 Black/Red or possibly the special edition K70.

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