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Need Recommendations On AXi 1200 or 1500


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Hey all,


Long time no post.


Having issues maybe related to power and I am looking to upgrade my power supply. I've owned the current one in my system now for over a year and until I purchased the 295x2 and 290x for TRI-Fire 3 months ago I never had a problem. I was running three Gigabyte Windforce 3x 780's ( non Ti versions ). Upgraded my Dell 30" to a 4K display and found the lack of video memory in a lot of titles to be a concern, so when the 295x2 was released I jumped on it. Now with my PSU I get a lot of rail noise which I probably shouldn't, I've gone over placement of the rails so its even and that I am not sharing anything on the rail except the GPU but still get constant rail noise when gaming and it becomes annoying, now with the 290x to eek out a bit of extra performance it gets even worse. I am also running into a lot of microstutter in World Of Warcraft and Diablo 3, when removing the 295x2 and using just the 290x it runs smooth but choppy in a lot of titles since a 290x can not run by itself at 4K very well.


So it was recommended to me to try a PSU with a large 12v rail and Corsair came highly recommended, looked at a lot of reviews in regards to the AXi 1200watt and 1500watt and I have a few quesitons:


1.) Is the Corsair Link required to run a single 12v rail? I see people being able to switch it from single to multi and I would like to not install the software and just use it as is in a single rail config.


2.) Will the 1200 Watt PSU be enough? You can see my system specs, what you don't see is the amount of fans I have in the system. I am running a custom loop inside the rig, consisting of the following:


480 Radiator with 8x Corsair SP120 Extreme Performance in push pull

Corsair SP120 Extreme Performance in push pull added to the 295x2 Radiator ( 1 fan )

2x 180MM Fans that came with the tower for intake

D5 Pump, connected with a 4pin molex.


My CPU OC is at 1.275v and I want to be sure that I am not wasting my money if I just buy the 1200Watt PSU instead of the 1500Watt PSU. Looking for future proof but I am also looking at getting rid of the 295x2+290x due to 3 months of poor drivers and constant problems. Probably end up getting 880's when they release and probably 3 of them. Seeing as how they will probably use less power a 1200watt may suffice.


3.) I want no rail noise on the system, I don't want to hear static popping coming from the PSU anymore while gaming, but this could be due to the GPU's as well.


Thanks in advance.

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The software is required to run in single rail mode. However with the 295X2 just having the multi rail mode set to the full 40 amp limit per connector will work for the setup. Given that the card itself will pull 30 to 35 amps under load the 30 amp limit set by default will cause problems.


The AX1200i will power the setup you have now. Since no real info on the 880's is out yet making the call moving forward is a shot in the dark.


I have not seen any reports of PSU noise from the AXi series in high wattage systems. AX1200i has been out for awhile without complaints and the AX1500i are just starting to show up in builds.

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Reading reviews an such its not touched on the fact that it is a multi-rail PSU, how many rails is it though? I currently have the MaxRevo 1500w which is 6 rails that have a maximum of 30a per rail. I have to split the 290x and 295x2 on multiple rails as there just isn't enough current on one which causes my issue of overlapping rails with other devices...
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