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Hi guys

I recently upgraded my system, previously had a Cooler Master generic non certified tin can PSU and a 660GTX

All worked great.

I then upgraded it with a TX-3 cooler as the stock one was loud, a 770GTX and a Corsair CX-M 750 PSU.

This again worked great for a week then I went on holiday.

I play World of Warcraft daily and have done for many years.

On returning from my holiday The PC started to restart when playing WoW, it does it often, no blue screen just a restart, sometime I can play all day, sometimes not at all.

I tested all the voltages which are spot on, as are my temps (cpu 58C and GPU 81C after 7 hours of running Prine 95 and Furmark at the same time)

I have also tested both my RAM modules separately and together over night.

I RMA'ed the GPU and got charged £10 as there's nothing wrong with it.

These restarts also happen when I use the 660GTX on the Corsair PSU.

I have tried everything reinstalled game, windows, drivers, all BIOS and Vbios latest.

Blizzard said it looks like PSU, but how does a bad PSU run overnight stress tests?

So my question is do you think my PSU is defective?

Many thanks.

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Yes it's seems to have an intermittent fault.

Using an old PSU seems to solve the problem.

However the RMA says my part number is not valid?

It's printed on the PSU is says model 75-002018 and part number cp-9020061.

Not that impressed so far TBH!

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The CPU fan wasn't ramping with the Corsair PSU, it wasn't going over 60c. Weather is now much cooler and CPU quickly gets to 65 cooler ramps and brings it down to 58c.

PSU had 2 4 pin plugs that click together I had the half with CPU stamped on it connected to motherboard?

Only bought corsair because price was reasonable. Quality and RMA for the CX range is terrible I would trust a non branded generic one more.

It's now sitting in the bin.

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