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Completely over the h100i


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Hi guys,


First post on this forum, but before I let go of $150 of my cash, I wanna get something off my chest. Corsair =/= Quality all the time. I figured a h100i would be the perfect finishing touch for a 4670k gaming rig I built this year, dominator platinums, RoG board and the likes, wanted it to be real quality.


My wonderful H100i restarts on a pink LED (extremely annoying, and its not even a nice pink), the driver constantly crashes on Windows 8.1, causing my CPU usage to spike until I force end it, and to top it off, the pump is making this obnoxious continuous grinding noise that doesn't stop, ever. I have to turn my PC off at night because its that loud. I thought it must just be me, but I've seen many complaints about this specific issue and others I've mentioned as well.


The h100i is the one part of the computer that's severely let me down. I don't know what to do. I could RMA, but I'm missing a few brackets, and I dunno if I can send it back with certain things missing. Should I bother?


After all this, I've figured my best way to go will be a decent air cooler without the Corsair branding on it. I had a h60 previously and that failed as well. I'll still buy cases and other equipment cause they've treated me well, but the h100i is an embarrassment. Just needed to post this somewhere so at least there's a chance someone at Corsair sees it (if they read this forum, I don't know.)

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try to open up an RMA on it. i read a lot of problems on the H100I and i never had any problems with mine and it runs 24-7. and considering that it drops my cpu temp like 50 degrees it's doing it's job. you might have just got a bad unit things happen
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