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I sended a faulty PSU for RMA a month ago and I got a RM750W and it's causing me problems.

I sended you a TX model and u sended me a RM. Fine, but i saw that the fan didn't work.

I read that it doesn't work until 40% or so. That's 300Watts!!! My system uses 450W on LOAD and this PSU goes so hot that causes my PC to reset alone duo to power failure..

Why did u lie to me when I asked why the fan didn't work with furmark and prime95 at the same time. I run it for 2 hours and the PSU is burning hot and the fan doesn't spin. Dunno why u gave me this RM stuff that doesnt work well as replacement..

MY PC resets 3-4 times a day due to power failure.



I want this fixed asap. Thanks.

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