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Problem with my H80I cooler.


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Hello guys,


As of about 15minutes a go my cpu cooler has gained a mind of its own. I have the h80i which ive used for about 2 months now, a couple of days a go one of the fans to cool the radiator stopped working, the other one still works but everything else was still fine.


Now, I restarted my computer to try and see why that fan had stopped working, i unplugged the fan connector and plugged it back and tried but no luck. Some how I made things worse, I turned my computer back on and now I had a cpu fan error on start up. The fan keeps revving up to around 2000rpm and then cutting out and the h80i heatsink also lights up for a couple of seconds and then stops again.


My temperature on my cpu whilst typing this message is jumping from 38-50degrees.

I am using everything that came in the h80i box so that is the default 2x 120 corsair fans that came with it. The two fans are both plugged into the h80i cooler itself via the fan splitter connectors, then the cooler is plugged into the cpu fan socket on the MB.


Any help would be greatly appreciated, im scared to do anything right now as my cpu will probably just heat up.


My system specs are :

i5 4670k CPU

hd radeon 7870 GPU

asus z87-k motherboard

Many thanks

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