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CS650M grinding issue

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To start with, this has been dragged out longer than it should have as I've had a very busy month and haven't been able to keep on top of this. I love Corsair's products, their ethos and usually their customer service but this experience has not been so pleasant.


I bought a CS650M after my seasonic psu died. It was gold rated and an absolute bargain compared to the competition but I, as many others have, suffered from the fan grinding issue that is well documented on here and on YouTube. There are numerous videos showing what appears to be a slip in quality control or a design flaw.


So I went to force.corsair.com and opened a ticket. I am told that I will have to pay shipping and will receive the same unit (where some people received a second faulty unit nonetheless!)

So not only do I have to pay shipping for what is clearly not a one off incident (in which case I would pay for shipping) but as I have stated is a fault on Corsairs end.


To top it off the call centres are US based so I would have to pay a fortune to call them or wait till the end of the day and hope to get it sorted over livechat...


And the cherry on the cake, I would have to undue my cable management (which I can tell you is mission impossible in my Silverstone FT03b) and be without my computer for over a week...


I came here to vent a little, but want to remain calm as I know this can be sorted easily. Can Corsair either pay the shipping or send me an upgraded unit because, if I add shipping to the cost of the PSU I might as well have bought the next in line in the first place (or a competitors product) which I think is illogical.


Thank you for your time and

I hope this is resolved easily.


Kind regards,



p.s. here is my ticket number: 6480294

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