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650 taking time to warm up?


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My AX650, installed February 2012, has worked faultlessly until I found that I could no longer switch on and immediately click the power button to boot up. Nothing happened at all. Wait a few moments; click again; successful boot.


That seemed like a minor inconvenience but now I have to regularly wait five minutes from cold before the power button works and occasionally it has been ten minutes.


Is my AX650 in decline? What should be my next step?

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Warming up? Only unless Corsair has slipped a few "hollow state" (electron tube) devices in while we weren't looking.


Has anything else changed in your configuration? Changes to bios settings or a recent update?


I know it's a pain, but do you have a spare PSU you could try? Maybe fall back to default bios settings and give it a try.


The last option, your next step, would be to get an RMA in process for you 650.


Let us know what you find.

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Since my last post I cannot get the system to start up at all. Removed the PSU and did the paper clip test - No response.


So now I have to request an RMA but having some difficulty filling in the screen which is asking for part numbers and not responding to my entries.


What is the easiest way to get an RMA started?

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