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I'm going to copy and paste my OP from OCN because I don't want to retype everything.. ::pirate::


Even though my main build isn't done (I don't think it'll ever be done...), I'm also working on my second system.


Small Backstory:


This build was primarily parts that were my main rig, but ended up being extra after I upgraded to X79 on my main system. What's that though? My second system is X79 as well? Well... I got an upgrade itch again and really wanted to switch to X79 on the second system as well... Not to mention, I was really sick of the red and black theme. My friend gave me a deal on a 4820k and ASUS X79 Deluxe. I knew that I had to switch. I sold my 4770k and ASUS Maximus VI Hero... I was finally free of red and black!



So, what is it running right now?


ASUS X79 Deluxe


8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz Ram

Corsair HX850

White Corsair C70

EVGA Superclocked 770

Corsair Force GT 120GB

Seagate 2TB HDD

with a custom loop


What is this system's purpose with a rig like my sig rig? D:


Well, the main purpose to have a system dedicated for rendering and editing video/photo.

It also functions as a gaming rig for when friends who don't have a decent system have something to use.

My wife also uses this rig as well when doesn't feel like using a laptop.



So, get on with it! What are you planning on doing?


Well... The ultimate goal is to be like my main system. I want to fully water cool the system and I want to maximize the potential of the case. This is going to be a slow one though, because I haven't decided whether to water cool this card, or use as part of an upcoming build for a friend in Japan and then upgrade it to a Titan for the Double Precision, which could be useful to me in the future as I try to decide how I want to further progress with college.


The end goal is to have a fully white and gold build. Sure, it's been done before but it's definitely not as common as the dreaded red and black.



What's happening soon?


I'll be buying a White 360 Monsta (Yes, I said Monsta. Remember my ultimate goal with this system is to fill up the case. ) Swiftech MCP 655-b, EK pump top. 6 Corsair SP120 QEs, 6 bitspower compressions, and an Aquacomputer Kryos brass CPU block. This will be the first step in getting the system up and running like I want.


What's the future look like?


Bright, very bright. tongue.gif But seriously, I'll be adding either the 770 to the loop, or upgrading it to a Titan if money allows.

I'm going to try to get a Alphacool ST30 360 up top as well. If not, then a relatively thick 240 will have to do.

Custom front panel

Custom painting inside the case as well as trim pieces on the outside of the case

Painting the ST30 to match the 360 monsta

Upgrade to at least 16GB of ram

Space for HDDs might be an issue, so I might be going external with the 2TB, but as far as storage for editing goes, that stays on the 9TB I have in my main system. The 2TB is mainly there so that I have space for friends to install their games on, and some random other stuff as well.

Custom acrylic window so I don't have to look at those fan mounts.

I'm sure I'll have more things to add when I'm not so tired. redface.gif


Okay, so some things have changed since this original post. I want to make it very clear this is going to be a slow build. I don't have the extra funds right now to do all the stuff I want to, but I will have an update later this week about the progress of this rig. I might go at it piece by piece, but more than likely I'll just wait until I have the money to do everything, and there will be a lot done to this rig. ;)




So, here is the current state of this rig. I know, it's in shambles. pump/reservoir is held together onto the case with zip ties and so are the top fans. I have a paper towel on the CPU block because I'm afraid my extension is going to leak because if I move it, it will. Pretty abysmal. However that will be changing later this week. ;) Stay tuned!

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