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Corsair Commander & Cooling Node Problems


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First post here guys and i'm looking for some help.


I have been running Corsairlink 2.5.5145 quite well for about 7 months on Win8.1 64


Today I checked the website and went AHA! new software, so I downloaded it, installed, it flashed up that the firmware in my H100i and Cooling node needed updating. I accepted the changes, it updated the h100i then the Cooling node.


It then said the cooling node was unidentified and asked to flash it again, I accepted, it then said the version I had was too old and I need to update (your getting the picture) then reverted back to the unidentified question.


I checked it and I had lost all control of my internal fans, no problem I thought, I created a restore point and I promptly restored. After the restore my water pump became very noisy (it took a little while to confirm that was the actual culprit) but I could control my fans.


current fw


Corsair Commander 2.0.6

Corsair Cooling Node 1.2.8


So I am now stuck with either a noisy water pump on old software (not good) or noisy fans on new software (equally not good)


My dream would be to combine both of the good aspects (quiet pump and fans), does anyone know how to do that? Otherwise its a lot of money that just aint cutting it for me and (deep sigh) i'll have to look for an alternate cooling solution


Many thanks in advance



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I have managed to get the old firmware, thanks Toasted.


The issue I have now is finding a version of Link to let me downgrade, has anyone successfully managed to do this. This pump is driving me insane, I'll need to RMA it if I cant get this done and tbh, its easier to downgrade the firmware than strip out the cooling system. Can anyone help, 240 views and hopefully someone has an inclination of how to do it?





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