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Sorry I bought H100i?


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So, I finally got round to installing myH100i in place of the Alpenfohn Matterhorn. Doesn't it look easy in the videos. Not when you have fingers and hands like mine it isn't.

I screwed my Noctua fans to the top of the radiator and then installed the radiator into the top of the 750D case, so far so good. I then tried installing the pump block, which kept moving about, however I managed to get 3 of the thumbscrews on before the 4th one fell off and dropped down the back of my desk. I eventually managed to recover it and screwed it on (after I'd removed my memory to give me room). I then connected all the cables to the H100i, a job that would have been much easier before I installed it, and connected them to the fans etc.

Then to the moment of truth, I booted the computer, the Corsair logo lit up white, the fans went round. Yeahhhh, success, or not. Windows Vista didn't detect it. Never mind, I'll try another header, nope, nor any header, nor the external USB ports. After a reboot the Logo went red. Oh well, I'll download and install link. Opened Link and it crashed, but it was still running in the taskbar.This crashing was cured by installing .net frame 4.5.1.

Oh well, I can check the temperatures, damn, they're 10 degrees higher than my air cooler, mid 30 to mid 40 at idle, do anything and it's up to 50. 10 minutes of Prime 95 and it's up to 80. Ok, it's a 3570K, overclocked to 4.3Ghz, but my old cooler NEVER got above 70.

I checked the Bios and it showed the CPU fan at 2240 rpm so I presume the pump is working, although both pipes are cool.

I also presume that the high temperatures are down to the block moving during installation and the TIM not working correctly.

I had to connect the H100i SATA power connector which also powers an SSD drive, a DVD drive and an external drive bay. Could this cause a problem?

Sorry if this is a bit rambling (it's my age) but can anyone offer any suggestions? As soon as I am in a position to lie it on it's side I will reseat the block with new TIM. I don't want to take it out and return it to Amazon, but I will if I have to.


Update: Just for a laugh I booted my computer into Windows 7 (Dual Boot) and tried everything, but W7 wouldn't find it either. I see a return to Amazon looming in my future.

Just for a laugh I went back into Vista and ran Prime 95 for 15 minutes (just to run the processor at 100%) and the temps only went up to 71 on the hottest core and 63 on the coolest, which seems OK. Shame that nothing detects the H100i block though.

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