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The lack of quality control as of late is appalling.

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I did just that. I was fully prepared to be treated like crud rather than a human being. This, sadly, has been my experience before with anothercompanythatshallremainnameless and so it is what I have been accustomed to. All I can say is "WOW"! What a stark contrast! There is a reason why one company went bankrupt and the other is thriving.


I apologize for losing my composure. I was in dire need of answers and I feel better now knowing why things are the way they are. My only regret is that there are not enough of you guys / gals to go around to nip issues in the bud before things get out of hand. I am also sorry that most people do not return once they have been taken care of to update the posts they made - thus giving onlookers the impression that nothing was ever resolved.


While there is nothing I can do about them, there is something I can do for my own accountability. I want to let people know (just as I have in the past) that my issue was being looked into all along.








This does not mean I will stop poking George though :sunglasse


. :laughing:
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its very easy to get irate when we feel were not being treated fairly or not being taken care of.,,,but its very hard to try to mend fences after doing so.

i can say this much,the people at Corsair are some of the most tolerate ones ive ever seen,they'll bend over backwards for their customers and im thankful myself for this as id been tossed off long ago if they weren't ...

your post says alot about you,for this i say thanks!

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