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CX430 fan switching on then off constantly


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I'm not sure if this is a feature, such as the fan only coming on when needed, but... the PSU fan will switch on momentarily (making a low burring sound, much louder than the other fans in my case) then switch off for 15 seconds, then switch on again. All the time and it's driving me nuts. Is it faulty, or is there a way to replace the internal fan to something quieter?


The CPU is not under load, and idle at about 35-40 C. THE PSU fan doesn't come on til after maybe 30mins - 1 hour of being on. Everything in the computer is only about 2 weeks old. Here's everything the PSU is powering:


MSI A55M E33 micro atx mboard

A8 5600k AMD cpu

Corsair 8gb ddr3 ram

Samsung Internal DVD drive

Sandisk SSD drive

2 WD internal hard disk drives

1 usb connection (keyboard & mouse dongle)

2 case fans

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