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WiFi interfering with Vengeance 2100


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Hi folks, I thought I'd share my experience with my router (Linksys WRT1900AC) interfering with my Vengeance 2100.


My symptoms were random, intermittent distortion in the audio (crackling?) followed by either immediate improvement or loss of connection with the dongle (it would flash for a couple of seconds and reconnect).


It was exasperated by moving my head, such as reaching down to get something off my desk's bottom shelf. I was confused as to what was causing the problems as this is the second 2100 we have in the house: my son's setup about 20 feet away never had any problems. I thought they may have been interfering with each other, but after looking through these forums I threw that idea out.


My router is on the far right side of my desk. I had the dongle in the middle, or about three feet away from the router. Not thinking it would help, I nevertheless moved the dongle to the far left side of my desk, and it's now five feet away from the router. I was surprised, but there was definite improvement but there was still occasional disconnects/reconnects.


I turned off the 2.4GHz band on the router and my problems were eliminated. :bigeyes: I can't be bothered to move the router and recable everything because meh, effort, so I looked further into the router configuration. I narrowed the bandwidth on the 2.4GHz radio to the industry standard (I think?) 20MHz (from default 40) and switched to 802.11G only on 2.4GHz(none of my devices use 802.11N on 2.4GHz). This will limit my 2.4GHz WiFi devices to 54Mbps, but I don't care, because that's what they support anyway. My N and AC devices are all on 5GHz. Problem solved; no more interference.


Potential causes I suppose are a spurious transmitter in my router, or lack of selectivity in the receivers of the 2100 dongle or headset. I'm not going to drag my spectrum analyzer home from work to find out though, heh.


All this said, does anyone know the operating frequency range of these headsets? Is it even in the 2.4GHz WiFi band? It would be a preferable to manually set the router channel as far away from the headset as possible.

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Thank you for sharing your experience, Polian. Our Vengeance 2100 wireless headset shares the same radio frequency as with any wireless devices, 2.4GHz. Now, there are sub-channels within that frequency and the transceiver(dongle) will "hop" to a sub-channel that is not used or provides a better signal (you wouldn't be able to use more than one Vengeance 2100 within close proximity otherwise).
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Hi guys, I am having the same kind of trouble, and I really need to solve this since I'm a League of Legends player and it's impossible for me to play with such high ping. Could you please tell me how to fix it? I would like to know how you did this : "I narrowed the bandwidth on the 2.4GHz radio to the industry standard (I think?) 20MHz (from default 40) and switched to 802.11G only on 2.4GHz"

Thank you in advance =)

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Hey, I've been having the same issue, so I ran a wi-fi analyzer app on my phone. Turns out, my router always wants to use channel 14 all the time, and where the USB dongle sits, I was getting something like -35dBm signal (-60dBm is about where a wifi signal can be considered 'very good'). My dongle would cut out about once a minute, for like 10 seconds (probably when the SS hopped to a nearby frequency).


My solution was to find a clear channel in a lower frequency. I'm still using 40MHz bandwidth, but I dropped down to 5 (I had one other AP coming in at about -80dBm there, which is acceptable).


So far, no dropouts.


(PS, I also switched to 5GHz at one point, but the signal strength on this router was not acceptable, so I had to go back)

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