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H100i Help (Please temp spikes)


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Hi All, got a brand new build to replace my old (had a H50 I loved)


full spec here


  • Processor: Intel I7 4790K OC to 4.6 @ 1.27V
  • Motherboard: Asus Z97 Sabertooth Mk1
  • Cooling: Corsair H100i in Push/Pull with 4x SP120 fans.
  • Memory: Corsair XMS3 8GB PC3-12800 1600MHz (4x2GB)
  • Video Card(s): ATI Radeon HD 7970 Vapor X running 1100/1500
  • Hard Disk(s): Samsung 840 Pro SSD (OS), 2TB Caviar Black SATA III Secondary, 2TB Caviar Black SATA III Tertiary,
  • Optical Drive: Samsung (SH-S223L) DVD /- RW 22x
  • LCD/CRT Model: 2x Samsung S24B300 @ 1920*1080 + 1 Samsung LE40B550 40inch @ 1920*1080
  • Case: Corsair 750D
  • Sound Card: onboard 7.1 HD Audio
  • Power Supply: XFX Pro Series 850W Black Edition PSU
  • Software: Windows 7 64bit/Ubuntu


I am having a big issue with the temperatues, when I run Intel burn test I get some weird spikes, they last only a second or two but obviously concern me. I reseated the cooler but it looks fine.


I did have an issue with the back plate during the build and had to use washers to keep it tight (apparently not uncommon) but it's VERY tight and seated well.


pics of spikes here (they last 1 or 2 seconds every 10. they seem to be very regular.


room temp atm is hot (30c easy)





And the end of the test, it drops VERY quickly.

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It's also possible you were witnessing the spreading of the thermal paste. In those first moments you can get some weird readings as the TIM melts and flows about. This is particularly true with TIMs like Arctic Silver.


However, keep an eye on it. Random temperature spikes usually means you have bad contact between the pump and the CPU block, either in the form of a bad paste job or insufficient pressure against the block (read: tighten your screws some more).

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