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H100I led turning on and off , if not the whole cooler itself.


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Couple of weeks ago i shrugged off the fact that i lost connection with H100i trough corsair link. It didnt bother me because my pc kept cool.



But few days ago the fans started going full speed , the pump i think rattled AND out of all those the interesting part arised. The led and the usb connections turned on and off really often really annoyingly. My computer literally gave up on life the moment USB Dongle thingy just went on and off every second.


I did not find anything on google for this.

heres a video of it . ( USB is disconnected for this because i couldnt run pc with it or it would just stop responding)



My case :


600w Corsair PSU

Gigabyte-Z87X-D3H Motherboard (yes it has 2 usb slots , yes i tried them both , yes the h100I still goes on and off )

GTX 780

60gb SSD

1tb HDD

Cooling is the H100I with all the stock fans. ( One of the stock fans refuses to start up , even in sys fan slots. Corsair...Im losing my trust in you :( )

Corsair 8gb ram.

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And now it seems like my fans have gone to minimum RPM. Its a miracle i can even hear them.


But a sound that comes on and off is probably the pump at this moment. Not sure if you can hear it in the video but this is how it sounds. RIP :





PS: All this has happened after atleast 5 months of no problems . I have not taken apart my computer in that time , i just took it apart after i lost the USB connection few weeks ago.

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