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H80i 100°C under load (no oc)


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Hey everyone,

I am running Antec GX700 case with ASRock Z87 Extreme6 Mobo, Intel i7-4770 CPU, 5 3TB drives RAID 5, 250GB 840 Evo SSD, 16GB RAM

I run this as my media server. Windows Media Center, MCEBuddy, and Plex.

Idle temps: 38-42°C

MCEBuddy does video conversions which put the CPU under 90-95% load for about 45 minutes per TV Show. Within 1 minute the temps spike up to 98-100°C.

SSD temp: 27°C (i'm guessing this is my ambient temp in the case)

H80i temp1 quickly climbs to at least 70°C within 60 seconds.


Stock fans gave this performance (also made my ears bleed with dB levels) so I tried swapping out the fans for 2 Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans in a push pull. Same exact performance.


I then tried swapping thermal paste with Tuniq TX-4 after using ArcticClean to make sure both CPU and pump head were clean.


I had a wobble in my backplate, so I put some rubber washers back there.

Same exact performance numbers.


I got this H80i back in February.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


If you need pics, or screenshots please let me know.

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Hose closer to the pump head is warmer than the outer hose (under idle).

Pump shows 2233 under idle.


Case interior



Corsair Link SW



Backplate configuration


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Where is the H80i temp recorded? In the pump head or up in the radiator?

If it is in the pump head and that temp is skyrocketing with the CPU, I'm wondering if the pump is bad and not pumping or air bubble...(one hose hotter than the other by a greater than expected amount)

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the spread is good enough for stable temps,,since ive no answer regarding interferences on the block and assuming there is none and all else is ok then the hose temp difference has me concerned as they should be relatively the same.

given all this try a rma and inquire about a replacement as theres really nothing else to check

oh,,temp is read at the pump and your cpu and water is @ the same which isnt normal...

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Should have come here before I spent $44 on those 2 Noctua fans...

RMA is approved. I'll ship it out tomorrow.


agreed,as there are no better fans for the hydro's than the stockers

i could retire if i had all the money spent on un-used parts...:D:

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