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What 360mm rads for 540 air?


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So my XSPC V2 rad doesn't line up with the holes in the front of the case. I need to replace it with a different rad. I would really like to keep the dust filter installed if possible but also must have access to the front 3.5 cage as I have two spinning hdds to install.


I'm looking at the UT60 or the XSPC RX360 V3 as it is a little thinner and not as long. Not sure how the mounting holes line up on these though. Any tips from those who have been down this road?


With mocking up an sp120 and the RX360 V2 rad my gpu will clear with the stock heatsink removed and leaves about 2mm or less space between the rad and the pcb of my 290x so I should be ok with anything 60mm or less. The V2 is 58.5mm and I had some space to spare not much so 60mm is probably the max thickness.

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