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DDR4 What can we expect Corsair?


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2400mhz 16-16-16-39. Sounds odd. Suppose timing means nothing till we see benchmarks tho lol. I'm hoping ddr4 is more for power efficiency. Seeing that 1.2v is nice. It'd be great if performance was about same but better power usage. Then I wouldn't have to upgrade :).
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Hood: Sounds fine to me. Every time DDR evolves, voltages have gone down, speeds and timings have gone up.


Holton: Not sure what you're referring to when you mentioned the search function? Regarding speeds - looking at previous DDR evolutions it's always taken time for speeds to increase.

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But these are most likely DDR4s.

Judging by the model name those are:


CMD = Corsair Dominator Platinum (most people probably can tell that just from a look at the heatspreader)

16G = 16GB

X4 = DDR4

M4 = 4 modules (-> 4x4GB)

2400 = DDR4-2400 (1200MHz, 2400MT/s)

C16 = CL16


The heatspreader is your standard Dominator Platinum series one, that was also used for the Dominator Platinum DDR3 models. So its use is not related to the XMP voltage but the memory series of this specific kit.

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I think i'll hold off on the ddr4 ram for a year. it probily won't be any faster until they release enthusius grade ram


This must be said, because far too often the advice is given that it is "better" to wait.


1. I much rather pay a few bucks here or there to get what I want, when I want it. Nothing replaces that feeling. Not only that feeling, but the feeling of being the cool kid on the block. So I suggest to everyone that is is in fact "better" to not wait.


2. In regards to some of those who warn against 1st Gen parts, and early adoption issues in regards to Quality or Reliability, I have to argue that honestly I now (after decades of doing this) prefer to get 1st Gen components, if anything just to see what is what. Also, I have seen several times that 1st Gen products are no different or worse than following revisions or versions. The personality of the "1st's" attracts me.


3. DDR4 Ram pricing could always go up. We live in a World where resources are scared. Doubt pricing will go up but if you think that you are going to save a few bucks by not adopting new and proven Technology (It is proven in the Labs and through QA before it ever hits shelf, especially with Corsair) than you are probably going to be sad to find out that factoring everything in will eventually show you that you will not save anything. Especially, if you are like me and value your time.


So yeah, I could go on but there is probably a bigger or better argument for not-waiting vs waiting. Also, in a year we will probably already be saving for DDR5 LOL. Okay, okay maybe not that fast but you guys get my drift. Waiting is for girls ::pirate::

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ASUS Rampage V Extreme, maybe? ;)
I looked on mine and it's DDR3. no problems it's quick enough for me. DDR 4 ram is gonna require whole new boards to be built. hopefully i'm alive if and when they release optical computers :p:
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No, I'm asking - Why do you think they are "bulky"? Is it the heat spreader design or something?


Yes, the pic is of DDR4.


Hi, I was away for a few days, sorry for not responding before now.

For me, with all the improvements in energy consumption I wouldn't have felt that the heat dissipation capacity of the previous generation would be necessary. It's just an expectation of petiteness, not anything hard and fast.




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I think it's going to be at least a year or so until we see ddr4 at decent timings and prices.. I'm building right now using x97 and ddr3, picked up 266mhz cl11 for half the price of the ddr4.. As much as I would love to have the latest and greatest I don't think ddr4 is worth it for me (gaming), I don't believe games are bottlenecked by ram at all, even going from 1600mhz to 3000mhz you only see a couple of fps at most.
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